The sword, the dragon and the prince

The sword, the dragon and the prince

My first tale: The sword, the dragon and the prince
I was in class today, and we were doing some training for doing a Creative Writing and this is what i wrote. I love it! I hope u too


The sword, the dragon and the prince

I was at the university on Saturday morning trying to write a fantastic tale, when a dragon appeared outside the window, he talked to me telepathically and said that i had to go with him because he had a mision for me.

I doubted first, but then i thought that a dragon doesn’t show up by the window everyday, and the mission gotta be something great. So i decided to accept and go with the dragon. We were frying over Cali, when the dragon told me that the mission included look for the sword Excalibur in the Farallones of Cali and rescue the Prince of the parallel universe where the dragon came from.

And we did, we flew unto the Farallones, it was beautiful, i was never gone there, the mountains and the trees were so green and bright. We get to the source of the river and there was the sword, i had to get into the water to catch it, and as soon as i touch it, we were transported to the other universe.

When we got there, everything was ready for the battle against the witch, to rescue the prince Jensen. I never had used a sword but i knew what i had to do. The fight wasn’t easy, but at the end i defeated the witch and rescue the prince. He was so grateful that he asked me to be his Queen, and i said yes, but i had to go back to Cali to finish my thesis. The prince understood and sent me back to Cali with the dragon.

And here i am, remembering the wonderful adventure with the dragon, the sword and the Prince Jensen!

The end.


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